Volcano / Earthquake Watch April 5-10, 2014

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Volcano / Earthquake Watch April 5-10, 2014 ! Targeting a strong negative polarity Coronal Hole (CH610) on the solar corona. After further analysis i have isolated an area (17-25°N latitude). This coronal hole may itself be a foreshadow for a 7.0-7.5 Magnitude earthquake in one of  these listed locations during this watch period:
Taiwan, Ryukyu Islands, Mariana Islands Or the Volcano Islands Region
Forecast Magnitude M7.0-7.5
Time Frame April 5-10
Targeting the rear flank of the large coronal hole isolating 35-38 Degrees N latitude, areas of interest that could see a Magnitude 6.2-6.5 Earthquake towards the end of the watch April 9-10, specifically isolating Greece, Western Turkey or the Azores Islands, Portugal.

Earthquake Meridian Migration - January 2014

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Three significant earthquakes this month can be linked to a unique migration across the globe, as well as other smaller earthquakes from January 13 to 26. It is understood that a kinetic release of energy stored within the earth migrates through tectonic plates and releases at point of least resistance as a surface rupture event.

Major M9.3 Solar Flare - March 12, 2014

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Active Region 11996 unleashed an M9.3 solar flare at 22:34 UTC last Yesterday. A large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is expected to be leaving the blast site and will be directed towards Mercury and not towards the Earth as the active region was rotating the western limb and off the earth-facing side of the solar disk.


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Significant hyper symmetry from past Earthquakes in the Haiti-Dominican Republic regions (1751, 1770, 1842, 1946 and 2010) expressing mirrored planetary geometry with the inner solar system of planets being at close alignment may indicate a high risk for significant Earthquake during Jan 28-31, 2015. Astrocartography and celestial resonance also highlight an earthquake potential reaching near Magnitude 7.2 during this time frame around the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault Zone which is in-between both the Gonave microplate and the Caribbean Plates.

Earthquake Watch (Haiti-Dominican Rep) Jan 28-31, 2015
ForecastĀ  (Magnitude 6.9-7.2)

Planetary Alignment/Earthquake Watch April 2014

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Two strong Planetary Alignments (Mars-Earth-Mercury on April 15-16) and (Mars-Earth-Uranus on April 21-23) feature prominently this month may coincide with significant earthquakes to be registered at high latitudes (Alaska, Norwegian Sea) between 7.0- 7.5 Magnitude on either April 15-16. The second time frame listed in this video covers April 21-23 where the forecast isolates the Indonesian region for a possible 7.2-7.7 Magnitude earthquake.

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