Planetary Alignment/Earthquake Watch April 2014

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Two strong Planetary Alignments (Mars-Earth-Mercury on April 15-16) and (Mars-Earth-Uranus on April 21-23) feature prominently this month may coincide with significant earthquakes to be registered at high latitudes (Alaska, Norwegian Sea) between 7.0- 7.5 Magnitude on either April 15-16. The second time frame listed in this video covers April 21-23 where the forecast isolates the Indonesian region for a possible 7.2-7.7 Magnitude earthquake.

Volcano / Earthquake Watch April 5-10, 2014

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Volcano / Earthquake Watch April 5-10, 2014 ! Targeting a strong negative polarity Coronal Hole (CH610) on the solar corona. After further analysis i have isolated an area (17-25°N latitude). This coronal hole may itself be a foreshadow for a 7.0-7.5 Magnitude earthquake in one of  these listed locations during this watch period:
Taiwan, Ryukyu Islands, Mariana Islands Or the Volcano Islands Region
Forecast Magnitude M7.0-7.5
Time Frame April 5-10
Targeting the rear flank of the large coronal hole isolating 35-38 Degrees N latitude, areas of interest that could see a Magnitude 6.2-6.5 Earthquake towards the end of the watch April 9-10, specifically isolating Greece, Western Turkey or the Azores Islands, Portugal.

New Zealand Earthquake Watch August 9-11, 2014

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New Zealand Earthquake Watch August 9-11 !
Significant Planetary Alignment (Earth-Sun-Mercury on Aug 8), Lunar Perigee (Aug 10) and the Geodetic crossing of Mercury across the New Zealand Region combined with simultaneous Lunar-Celestial connectivity may foreshadow a potential 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake for the New Zealand mainland during August 9-11, 2014

Tropical Storms Peipah, Ita and Ivanoe - April 2014

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Tropical Storms Peipah, Ita and Ivanoe in April 2014
Close look at the forecast track of Severe Cyclone Ita

Earthquake Meridian Migration - January 2014

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Three significant earthquakes this month can be linked to a unique migration across the globe, as well as other smaller earthquakes from January 13 to 26. It is understood that a kinetic release of energy stored within the earth migrates through tectonic plates and releases at point of least resistance as a surface rupture event.

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