Australian Earthquakes for September 2016

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Australian Earthquakes for September 2016

Major M9.3 Solar Flare - March 12, 2014

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Active Region 11996 unleashed an M9.3 solar flare at 22:34 UTC last Yesterday. A large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is expected to be leaving the blast site and will be directed towards Mercury and not towards the Earth as the active region was rotating the western limb and off the earth-facing side of the solar disk.

Major X-Class Solar Flare - June 11, 2014

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New Active Region 12087 turning the eastern limb continues to unleash major solar flares after yesterdays two X-Flares the active region produced its 3rd major solar eruption inside of 24 hours with an X1.0 registered at 9:06 am UTC. Today's blast does not have a strong Coronal Mass Ejection associated as the eruption itself was short lasting and impulsive.

The Saturn 'Synchronicity'

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The Saturn 'Synchronicity'

Following three Saturn 29 year 'Return Cycle' beginning in March 1936 reveal an surprising symmetry of past major events and newsworthy occurrences that have had obvious global significance. Saturn's sidereal period (orbit around sun) takes 29.42 Earth-years. Each Earth-Saturn Synodic Cycle has an average duration of 376 Earth-days. Because Saturn's orbit is slightly eccentric (not a perfect circle) at 0.05552, Saturn speeds up and slows down during its annual orbit around the Sun. Saturn is closest to Earth at each synod during Earth's orbit around the Sun.
Charting Saturn's 90° Square, 180° Opposition, 270° Square and 360° Return Cycle raises more questions than answers. However what is evident is synchronistic symmetry underlining some sort of celestial energetic interaction seemingly foreshadow events to come. Do you believe in coincidences? or are these important Saturn aspects trigger points for a ritualistic purpose or an occult agenda by those in power. One thing for sure, the window for this next phase occurs from February to November 2016 and based on past correlations and events during each Saturn 90° phase we could see an event taking place in 2016 that could cause significant stock market reverberations felt across the world.

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